Our Chef

A long journey brought Patricia Vega to her mid-life transition from Mexican homemaker to San Diego restaurateur. Born in Mexico City she was introduced to the joys of cooking at a very young age by her nanny and spent many happy hours in the kitchen helping out with family meals and holiday feasts.

Having done a lot of social entertaining Patricia decided to acquire a more formal training and attended the Maricu Culinary Arts Institute where she was certified as a “Mayora” in Traditional Mexican Delicacies. She went on to participate in numerous workshops with renowned Executive Chefs such as Paola Olayo, Patricia Quintana and Monica Patino where she perfected what she calls “the flavors of my people” and developed her own culinary style. “I like to please, I like people to enjoy my food and I make sure that everything I cook I would be proud to serve to my family”.

Patricia established Hacienda de Vega in April of 2003 where she does what she likes best: Nourish the body and satisfy the soul.

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