La Cocina

Mexican cuisine is a true mestizo creation resulting from the union of two major elements; the native cuisine of the Aztecs and the recipes brought by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1492.

For centuries, the recipes of the foods prepared by Mexican mothers and grandmothers have been handed down throughout generations. Some recipes have changed with time, others have remained unchanged for over 500 years – all of them are deeply rooted in family tradition.

Today, México is a very diverse country with varying climates, vegetation and customs. The broad range these very differences make it impossible to speak of Mexican food as a single concept. There are many regional cuisines each with its own geographical and historical influences.

At Hacienda de Vega it is our true intention to bring you a taste of some of the real regional cuisines of México – past and present. From the pleasures of antojitos with their different salsas and cheeses, to the enjoyment of elaborate guisos, with their adobos, moles and recados, we hope that you enjoy and savor these true traditional recipes and that they summon feelings of comfort, family, and of being home.

La Cocina Mexicana has two main objectives: To nourish the body and to satisfy the soul, but in order for cooking to become an art it requires a great deal of love.


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