The Tony Lavoz Band

The 3 musicians that comprise of “thetonylavozband” are exceptionally experienced with over 90 years of combined musicianship. This group was formed in 2013 and it featured various guest star Drummers as a draw. “We always have our drummer on the side so everyone can see him”. In 2017, Tony added a permanent Master Drummer, Clayton Powell, Jr. What a showman!
Clayton is also a composer, writer, arranger, plays drums and also plays keyboards who spent 16 years in the US Marine Band and fighting for Freedom during the Iraqi War.

Ray Roeder is the Music Director and he arranges all the crazy ideas Tony comes up with. Ray spent 24 years in the US Navy Band solely performing around the world his entire enlistment.
Tony Aguilar has been in music since the age of 8 years old playing various instruments, Trumpet, Guitar, Bass and Percussion. Later Tony decided that singing was more what he wanted to do and has been doing vocals for over 30 years.

Before forming “thetonylavozband,” Tony Aguilar “LaVoz” Aguilar was the lead singer for Santanaways in early 2013. In that band, someone shouted, “here comes LaVoz” and the stage name has stuck ever since. But playing the same music over and over soon became evident that something was about to change. The formation of “thetonylavozband” was in the works. Countless shows have been performed all around San Diego County and also in Palm Desert and Palm Springs.

"My vocal strength is delivering my message to each person listening. Sometimes I’ve sang for over 2 hours straight because it was that important for me to perform regardless of the size of the crowd or the money. Although, I am glad there was a large crowd that I could absorb energy from.”

From RnB, Pop, Lite Rock, Latin Rock, Latino, Romantico, Bolero’s, Vocal, Country & New Country genre’s, there is no boundary for “thetonylavozband”.
“We will take our listeners on a Musical Adventure…"


Jul 13 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Encinitas, Ca. 92024

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