The New HdV

Meet our New Home !

We begin work on this amazing new property in January 2018 and will be ready to throw a massive party on 3.1.2018 when we host a private Grand Opening - exclusively for all of you who wrote such amazing words of encouragement and support!

Nestled in a colonial-inspired architectural jewel reminiscent of Tlaquepaque or Granada, our new home features terracotta tile rooflines, cobblestone patios, 32-year old, full Jacaranda trees overhanging candlelit tables in a fully heated 2,300 sqft patio and an additional 2,700 sqtf of indoor seating.

But why don’t we just tell you where it is already!? Well, the building is still under the current operator. A fellow restauranteur that has decided to hang up his apron, after a successful 30+ year career, and go play. He has requested some privacy to complete his tenure and go out in style with a great big party. We will absolutely be respectful of that and will announce the exact location as soon as we get his green light.

What we can say right now is that it is a super short 14-minute drive from our original Escondido Hacienda. We specifically chose the location for its beauty and for its proximity to all of you.

Much more in the weeks to come! Stay tuned as we will be asking for your help with the design elements and selection of color pallets and materials for some of the spaces. We promise tons of water features, candlelight and some "WOW" surprises too!

So please keep an eye out.

New beginnings are scary, but they are oh so worth the effort...

The Vega Family