The End Of An Era

The End Of An Era

To our dear guests, our family and our friends;

Fifteen years ago our family came to Escondido and broke ground in an old, dilapidated and abandoned property at the south end of the city with a single goal in mind: To create an amazing and unique space where families could come together to share their days with each other around the dinner table.

And we worked hard.

At the beginning, it took guest by surprise. After all, it just wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant. Open spaces, no rush, no yellow cheese, no combination plates. And it took a while for guests to appreciate the unique, true flavors of our grandmothers’ recipes. Deep flavors that can only be achieved with painstaking attention to the details and imported ingredients of our menu.
Over the years, we grew. We reinvested and reinvented ourselves many times over to continue providing amazing dining experiences for you. First the garden area was developed for weddings and large events. Then the Private Casitas for smaller, more intimate gatherings. Then the River Lounge: the quintessential “back-yard” feel for our guests to relax and enjoy a drink at the end of any given hard day under the palapas and the soothing sound of a flowing river.

And it has been an amazing and rewarding journey.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to negotiate a fair and equitable extension to our lease. One that would have allowed us to continue reinvesting in order to maintain the quality of our spaces and improve the production facilities that create our very special kind of “magic” behind the scenes – all the while maintaining a healthy operation.
So as with most great stories, we must now begin a new chapter.

To our incredible staff who made up the Hacienda de Vega Family over the years and without whom none of this would have been possible, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We take with us the thousands of stories, hours of laughter and shared experiences that have made this journey so incredible.

To our vendors and purveyors, who traveled this road with us, stuck with us through the droughts and enjoyed the harvest of our shared crops, thank you. We have only been as successful as the superb quality of your products and the consistent care of your service.

To our dear and loyal guests. Especially to you. Thank you. Thank you for your continued patronage, for forgiving our blunders, for your kind words of encouragement and appreciation of what we set out to do fifteen years ago. Thank you for allowing us to share with you your family's birthdays and anniversaries and weddings and your kid's team celebrations and prom pictures. It has been our privilege.

And listen; this is by no means an end. It is just the beginning of a new story. Those of you who have gotten to know our family know that we are made of strong, resilient bones.

In the meantime, if you are craving our Mole Sauce or a world class Tamarindo Margarita, visit us in Carlsbad. We will WOW you again on 10.31.2017 with a BIG surprise!

Tonight the lights go out in Escondido one last time. Light a candle for us while we get ready to shine bright for you again very soon.

The Vega Family

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